Maatwerk 2

Geo Deco

GeoDeco, is the ultimate melting pot between glass-in- lead technique and angular Art Deco looks. Inspiration that designer Elisabeth Leenknegt instinctively drew from family tradition and her direct environment. Following her grandfather, Elisabeth refined the glass-in-lead technique. Her greatest challenge: how to translate that particular technique into handcrafted jewelry? Many experiments later Elisabeth succeeded fruitfully to frame mouth blown glass with hand forged silver, just like lead encloses mouth blown glass in stained glass. Colour and shape wise Elisabeth was inspired by her new hometown Ronse/Renaix, a reviving Belgian city with an affluent Art Deco history. This is above all reflected in the geometrical forms and pastel yellow, pink and green Elisabeth used in the GeoDeco collection she appoints “a collection driven solely by intuition”.

Photo: Stefanie Geerts
Model: Melle
Hair-Make-up: Charline Vanderweeën
Art Direction - Styling: Elisabeth Leenknegt, Steffi Marreel

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