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ELISA LEE is extending her gamma of fashion-, engagement- and wedding jewellery with family jewellery.

The ELISA LEE TRIBE COLLECTION is our most personal collection so far. It’s a collection made by and for the Elisa Lee family. You can start playing with our alphabet soup or personalize your jewel to your heart’s content with your child’s drawings and writings.

Think about beautiful necklaces and bracelets with the names of your (god-)children, earrings with the initials of the apple of your eye, necklaces with a child’s drawing or a first writing of your little ones. A little treat for your dear friend with the name of her newborn in the same font as the birth-card, or playful mommy- and godmother gifts. In this collection you can find it all.

Little tidbit: to shoot this collection, the four ELISA LEE mommies modeled with their own sweet children and dear ones.


What’s more to like than wearing a personal creation of your children close to your heart in the form of a necklace or little bracelet? For this collection ELISA LEE designed new pieces perfectly suited to be provided of a pretty child’s drawing or writing of your own children. We transfer these beautiful little pieces of art onto your jewel by means of a detailed hand engraving.

Shelter jewel

The Shelter necklace’s two elongated label shaped forms provide the perfect spots to engrave the handwritten names of your little ones. Let the children write their name themselves, or let them draw an oblong drawing, to obtain the most beautiful result (room for maximum 4 children, front- and backside). Rather interested in a bracelet? The Shelter bracelet has room for maximum two names or oblong drawings (front- and backside).

Nest jewel

The ELISA LEE Nest necklace or bracelet has room for a little writing or drawing on both sides of the round pendant. In addition, you can choose the color of the little playful ball of glass. Just like the Shelter necklace and bracelet, these models are available in silver, rose or gold plated silver, or in massive gold.


With these playful letters, we make the most personal messages for yourself, your girlfriend, sister, mom, grandmother or godmother. Think about earrings with the initials of your children, a bracelet containing the name of your godchild, or even just a word that really matches you or a loved one. You can choose from three fonts, and you can play with the ways in which we assemble the letters to the necklace or bracelet.


Did you always wanted to give a very cool birth gift with which you can particularly make mommy happy? We engrave the name of the newborn baby in the same font as the birth card. This makes the gift even more personal. The names of brothers and sisters can also be engraved in the piece.